Asked and answered

Why can’t I order flights using tripchemy?

Our goal is to generate meaningful roundtrips based on flight ticket data. We don’t to become a flight ticket reseller. We provide you the information to order tickets directly from the airlines. This allows you to order extra upgrades like lugguage and such.

The price differs

Airlines have algorithms that constantly changes the ticket price. This means our price can differ a bit from the price you eventually pay. We’ll do our best to give you the most accurate price.

Are there any hidden ticket costs?

Yes, Ryanair charges 6 euro per lugguage. We don’t include transfer costs from the airport yet. We do filter out some airports due to not being suited for holiday travel. Let us know in case we missed some.

There are no flights the airport nearby

We are working on integrating as much airlines as possible. Please let us know what the closest airport is so we know what airlines to integrate next.

You can mail us or find us on reddit.

Why are there no flights outside of Europe?

Currently our focus is Europe. Europe has a lot to offer due to its relativly small size, lots of culture and good infrastructure.